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Sure most of you are familiar

with the following image


Of course it's the rear sleeve of the 1974 album Hall Of The Mountain Grill and was painted by David A Hardy.

However what you might not know is that Dave also supplied many of the slides that the  band used back in the 70's, I'll let the man himself explain more -

"they bought a setof 36 35mm slides that I was selling (under the name 'AstroArt',which I still use) at the time, through an advert in NME, and they started using them in their light show, to complement Liquid Len's oil-and-water-filled effects wheels. Soon after I started producing my own wheels -- circular paintings with continuous 360-degree landscapes -- of other planets, prehistoric scenes, sphinxes and UFOs! These rotated very slowly to produce an ever-changing panorama"

To illustrate this Dave has kindly digitised some of his work from around that period, click on the thumbnails below to take a closer look -

Sure you'll agree that still look great today, however it has to be said that probably the highlight of the recent communication we've had with Dave has to be the following story -

"One day in about 1974 my neighbours were surprised to see the whole of Hawkwind pile out of a mini-van and come into my house in a suburban street (on their way to a gig at the Birmingham Odeon). Lemmy was still with them at the time, and his blue jeans were just about to fall apart. my wife Ruth told him to stand still, which he did like a lamb, while she stitched them together!"

Thanks for the images and great stories Dave!

If you want to find out more about Dave's work then have a look at his own site by

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